Asphalt paving will provide several benefits and is an excellent investment compared to other paving types. A properly designed asphalt pavement will rarely need to be replaced, although you will have to maintain it proactively to enjoy the advantages of your smooth pavement. If you want to ensure longevity, make sure you do the following:

  1. Allow your asphalt to dry. This is known as cure time and refers to the amount of time asphalt needs to dry completely. Do not drive on your newly paved surface for the first 24 hours, and it is recommended that you wait even longer in the summer to ensure your asphalt dries appropriately. 
  2. Use sifted topsoil. The use of sod is important because some soils will react with the asphalt, which can lead to some flaking at the bevel edge, so if you have not used sod for landscaping, use sifted topsoil for your new asphalt. 
  3. Use crack seal products immediately if you ever notice the appearance of cracks. It is possible to find cracks on your asphalt surface over time as water can penetrate the cracks and degrade the stability of the base course of your pavement. This problem must be addressed because a failed base course can result in cracks or potholes, which you’ll want to avoid. Use quality crack sealing products as soon as cracks appear to avoid expensive repairs and extend your asphalt pavement’s lifespan. 
  4. Avoid oil spills. Oil will weaken asphalt and lead to cracks, so you must avoid oil spills on your asphalt surface. 
  5. Park your cars in different spots. This will prevent impressions or low spots on your pavement surface, so do not park your vehicles at the exact location.
  6. Wait a few years before you seal coat your new asphalt surface. Additives used in seal coaters can cause cracks if applied too soon, so it is recommended that you wait two to three years before proceeding with this step. Asphalt should be seal coated every three to five years to protect its surface from harmful UV rays, vehicle fluids, and water, and doing it any sooner will cause it to become ineffective. 
  7. Hire a reputable paving contractor. This is a must as a professional contractor will help you maintain your smooth pavement for many years to come. They will properly install your asphalt pavement and complete the process with precision and efficiency.

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