Asphalt Parking Lot

The cracked or alligator-ed surface of the old existing commercial asphalt parking lot on this project had reached the end of its life cycle, and also looked terrible. The failing granular base under the damaged asphalt caused the drainage flow of rainwater to reach the building exterior. Bortolo and Sons recommended to the client that removing, and replacing the asphalt parking lot would be the best long term option. The asphalt removed from site was recycled ensuring the minimization of the carbon footprint of the project.

The project included the revitalization and regrading of the granular base to ensure a proper base for the new asphalt and proper rainwater drainage to the existing on site drainage catch basins. To meet and exceed the life span expectations of the new asphalt commercial lot, the granular base of the proper depth was included in Bortolo and Sons recommendations. Then it was time to apply the new asphalt, along with installing new pre-cast parking bumpers. To finish it off, we marked new lines onto the fresh asphalt parking lot surface to highlight the individual parking spaces.

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