Shotcrete Retaining Wall: Concrete Drainage Asphalt & Wall Shoring

This shotcrete retaining wall project was necessary due to the old 8 foot tall retaining wall that separated the rear parking lot from the apartment building beginning to fail. The building was constructed within 5 feet of the old support wall so it could not simply be removed because it was part of the support system of the apartment building. The wall was failing due to age and hydraulic pressure caused from excess water from the buildings damaged perimeter drainage system which was not properly managing rainwater. It was only a matter of time before it collapsed onto either a car or a passerby. Never mind the possible repercussions of the wall failing, therefore leaving the foundation of the apartment building it serves unsupported.

For this project we had to remove and recycle the old parking area asphalt, test the building drainage, excavate around the building and install a new drainage system. We also had to shore up the existing retaining wall by drilling and installing rods 15 feet into the soil below the apartment building and inserting support rods to support the new retaining wall, which would then help support the building’s weight from causing the wall to lean out and away from the building as it continues to settle. The existing retaining wall was augmented with an additional shotcrete retaining wall to provide both additional support as well as a fresh new face. Once the retaining wall was completed we also repaved the asphalt parking area and added a new set of stairs on the east side for the residents to get from the parking area to walkway around the building.

2095 West 3rd Ave – Vancouver

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