Custom Concrete and Asphalt

Bortolo and Sons have a wide variety of custom concrete and asphalt. In their store you will find a wide range of different colour, texture and pattern options that can be applied using dyes, resins, aggregates, stamps or even etching. They also also have the experience and knowledge to apply these custom finishing options and ensure your project looks incredible when it’s finished.

A newer development in custom finishing options is how many of these custom options can now be applied to asphalt to achieve the same level of customization that was only possible in the past if you used concrete. The options for asphalt are a little more limited than concrete, but there’s easily enough variety to find a finish that will be suitable for your custom project.

Custom Concrete Colours
Stamped Pattern Concrete
Exposed Aggregate Texture

We deal with the three basic types of customization techniques listed below:

  • Custom Colours
  • Pattern Stamping
  • Aggregate Textures

Colour Options for Concrete and Asphalt

There are different ways to colour concrete. The most popular methods tend to be stains, integrated colours, dry shake colour hardeners, and concrete dyes. Each method has it’s own benefits and limitations. Once again this is where Bortolo and Sons decades of experience become a huge benefit to your project. These custom options are not always easy to apply or integrate, so an experienced professional concrete contractor is essential to achieving an impressive final result.

Asphalt is now available in different colour finishes as well. It can either be coloured using a top coat applied over standard asphalt or custom colours can be mixed directly into the asphalt itself. Once again, each method has specific benefits and limitations, so please contact us to discuss your options. Asphalt tends to be more limited in the colours that are available, but this is an area where new products are being developed all the time, so speak with an expert in custom asphalt colouring to find out if there’s anything new in the market that suits your needs.

Stamped Patterns

Both concrete and asphalt can be stamped into a variety of different patterns to achieve the look of paving bricks or even natural stones. Applying a custom pattern to either concrete or asphalt has benefits over using paving stones or bricks in that they can typically be applied faster and you don’t have to deal with vegetation growing through the gaps between the bricks.

Stamped Concrete Driveway
Coloured Asphalt Driveway

Exposed Aggregate Surfaces

The finish is rugged, slip resistant, durable and decorative. Exposed aggregate finishes can be used for the entire paved area, as a border, or for alternating panels. It is ideal for pool decks as well as driveways and patios. The colour and texture of the finished exposed aggregate surface will depend on the colour, shape and size of the stones. In the Greater Vancouver area, blackish-grey is a standard finish. In other areas of BC the colour will vary. The standard aggregate size is 10mm or 15mm. The concrete mix should be at least a 30 MPa mix.

Although integral concrete is the most prevalent method, seeded exposed aggregate concrete can be used for special finishes. Aggregate such as crushed stone or marble is normally embedded into bull floated concrete by tapping with a wooden hand float or magnesium float. This method is labor intensive, time consuming and consequently more expensive. Bortolo and Sons are a professional concrete finishing contractor, we know the best methods for retarding, exposing and curing the concrete.