Grid Grass Parking for Nat Bailey Overflow Parking Area

When Nat Bailey Stadium required a new grass grid parking area to be installed in their existing one and a half acre overflow parking lot area they chose Bortolo and Sons. We provided excavation, fencing and trucking of all of the earth and aggregate fills. The new grass grid parking area would require leveling and a new drainage system installation prior to the installation of the actual grass grid parking area to support the weight of the vehicles. The grid system prevents excessive damage to the grass below and allows for quick regrowth and easy maintenance. Once the area was leveled and drainage was installed, we laid down a proper base of gravel to facilitate drainage, which we then covered with earth in the parking areas and more gravel in the access lanes.

To complete the project we also installed wooden barrier posts and an aluminum swing gate with proper concrete footings to prevent unauthorized access to the area when not in use for parking.

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