Exposed Aggregate Entrance Stairway

For this apartment building owner we were hired to remove the old tiled concrete entrance landing, staircase and retaining walls and replace them with an awesome new exposed aggregate entrance. Our ability to turn jobs like this around quickly reduces resident tenant complaints and discomfort by minimizing the time they cannot use the existing front doors and also the time they have to put up with the noise of the actual construction.

The deterioration of the existing tiled landing area was creating a hazard for residents. With a new exposed aggregate entrance landing, stairway and retaining walls, it breathed new life into the appearance of this building and created quite a bit more curb appeal. The exposed aggregate entrance is also nicely textured to provide an anti skid and safe surface to walk on. Especially compared to the smooth and slippery tiles that were there before. Not only is the end result safer, but it’s also now a point of pride for the building owner and resident tenants.

1960 Larch Street in Vancouver

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