For many people, the sight of cracks in the pavement is no more than an aesthetic issue. However, they can be very serious and require the attention of an asphalt paving company. Cracks can not only damage the cars that regularly drive over them, but they can also lead to future structural problems. There are certain cracks that you should have fixed immediately as they can spread and cause even more problems. In order to ensure that your cracks are properly and thoroughly evaluated, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified asphalt paving company like Bortolo and Sons.

Below, we list the top three problematic cracks:

1. Ice Cracks That Can Spread Quickly

When water freezes, its frozen form expands in volume by up to 9%. In changing temperatures, even a seemingly small amount of water can freeze multiple times and thaw, quickly expanding your small cracks and creating a much bigger problem. This will make your asphalt surface look horrible and pose serious safety risks for pedestrians as well as vehicles.

2. Alligator Cracks = A Bigger Problem

Alligator cracks have their name because they resemble alligator skin and spread across pavement surfaces. They indicate that there are weak areas on the surface or the base layer of your pavement. They could also be an indicator of poor drainage. If you notice that you have alligator cracks, it is very important that you investigate and find the cause, since it can often be an underlying problem.

If you want a quick fix, you can fill your alligator cracks with a patching product. However, in order to remedy the problem, you will need expert help in order to fully remove that affected area and inspect the base to see if any other work will be needed. The removed area will then be replaced with new asphalt.

3. Block Cracking = Old or Poor Asphalt

Block cracking looks like interconnecting cracks that divide the pavement into irregular pieces. It means that the asphalt binder has mixed into the surface and is not expanding and contracting properly. This is caused by ageing or by having a poor quality binder.

If block cracking is caught early on, it can be easily fixed with crack sealing. However, if the issue is not addressed and is left to progress, the cracks will become bigger, which will eventually require you to remove and replace the pavement.

Some cracks are worse than others, which is why it is very important for you to call in a professional for an assessment. At Bortolo and Sons, we have years of experience and will be able to help you get your pavement to look great again.