Cracks can appear in asphalt paving and this can be unsightly. It can also indicate that your driveway needs maintenance, which is why homeowners must pay attention. It is very important to contact an asphalt repair company when you notice cracks, but it is equally important to understand the causes of cracks in asphalt paving, as this information will tell you what to look for in the future.

Here are the top 5 causes of cracks homeowners must be aware of:

1. Moisture

Whether it’s groundwater or precipitation, moisture is a problem for asphalt and can displace the ground underneath and cause dips and cracks. If enough moisture seeps into the asphalt, it can soften it and make it susceptible to cracking. Sealing will help prevent this kind of damage, and doing this regularly should be part of asphalt driveway maintenance. 

2. Freezing and Thawing

Climates that experience cold winters will see freeze-thaw cycles, which can damage paving. Water on its own will cause enough damage once it soaks into asphalt, but when it freezes, it will expand and will push open any new cracks in the surface. Additionally, cold weather makes asphalt stiff and brittle which makes it more susceptible to breaking along cracks in freezing temperatures, but sealing will help with this aspect as well.

3. Age of Your Asphalt

Over time, asphalt will lose flexibility and minor cracks can become serious problems. The age of your asphalt will impact its stability, and years of cracks as a result of weather will eventually take a toll. If your pavement is more than a decade old, and you are experiencing an increase in asphalt damage, it may be time to contact a professional to repave your driveway. 

4. Ground Movements

This is a common culprit for asphalt cracks and as the earth underneath the pavement shifts, the asphalt on top may be displaced, which can cause cracking. Smaller shifts will have an impact on your driveway and over time, these minor shifts can cause a ton of damage. 

5. Fatigue Cracking

This is very common and happens when there is a lot of traffic over the asphalt or when heavy vehicles are frequently used on the driveway. It is recommended that you avoid using heavy vehicles on asphalt during very hot and very cold weather to prevent cracking, and applying thicker layers of asphalt paving will also help prevent fatigue cracks. 

Not only are cracks in your asphalt a nuisance, they are also an eyesore, but you can take the right steps to fix this problem before they destroy your entire driveway. Contacting our team here at Bortolo and Sons is a great place to start because we can help you repair the cracks in your asphalt paving and will also help you protect your driveway for future use. 

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