Repaving your driveway can add years to the life of your pavement. Asphalt pavements are easy to restore and install, using less energy than other construction materials. Compared to concrete, your asphalt driveway will last for decades, giving you more value for your money. Read on for more information.


Various costs are involved in repaving your asphalt driveway, depending on the project’s location. Among these expenses, the cost of excavation and grading is the most significant. During the process, the soil must be levelled and compacted, and drainage will be added if necessary. Once the new surface is ready for installation, the contractor must begin work by digging up to four to six inches deep.


The lifespan of asphalt repaving is about 20 years. After this period, its structural integrity will diminish and begin to sustain damage more often and more easily. Patching a pothole will only be a temporary solution. You will soon be faced with a lot of repair work that will ultimately be a waste of time and money. If you are interested in extending the lifespan of your asphalt driveway, you must repave it regularly.

Cost of Resurfacing

Resurfacing your asphalt driveway is relatively inexpensive compared to a complete replacement, but there are some things you should know about this process. For starters, you should know that asphalt costs around $100 to $200 per ton. This cost includes materials and labour; the average driveway uses 7.5 to 15 tons of material. Overlays are also less expensive than replacements, but you should still be aware that they only fix the surface of your driveway, not the foundation underneath.

Quick Repairs

One of the significant benefits of repaving an asphalt driveway is that it can be completed much faster than repaving concrete. Asphalt pavements are flexible, which means they can expand and contract easily. They are not as susceptible to cracking or flaking as concrete. Moreover, the material does not weaken easily from the use of salt. Furthermore, asphalt’s dark colour absorbs the heat from the sun, speeding up the melting process.


If you are a new homeowner, you probably have a lot of work ahead of you. Having your own home is a big responsibility, and the list of repairs and maintenance can seem endless. But while you’re busy doing all the repairs and maintenance on your house, don’t forget about your driveway. Repaving your asphalt driveway can have many benefits. After all, your asphalt driveway is the first thing people see when driving to your home. Regular maintenance makes the material last longer and prevents the need for a complete overhaul. Regular brooming helps prevent mud and debris from getting trapped in the driveway, while regular resurfacing also saves you money on the cost of a new driveway.

A well-maintained asphalt driveway can last for 15 years or more before it needs to be replaced. If you’re considering an asphalt driveway, work with the pros that have been in the business for over 50 years. Contact the expert team at Bortolo and Sons at (604) 298-8775.