To maintain the longevity of asphalt parking lots, owners should follow certain maintenance tips, including sealing and filling in cracks and potholes. In addition, they should visit the parking lot on a monthly basis. 

Owners should note any problems that may occur, such as sagging asphalt or tiny cracks. Lastly, they should seek help from professionals who can analyze the conditions of the parking lot and apply the appropriate fixes.

Preventive Maintenance

Maintaining the integrity of asphalt parking lots is critical to ensuring property value. Regular checks of the pavement will ensure its durability. Parking lots that are poorly maintained may end up crumbling in the future, requiring costly repaving. To avoid this, preventative maintenance is essential. The following are some tips for maintaining the longevity of asphalt parking lots. 

  • Incorporate proper drainage into the design and construction of parking lots. Inadequate drainage can result in erosion and runoff issues.
  • Installing retention basins and swales can help prevent these problems.


Having your asphalt parking lots sealed is vital for their longevity. Without it, your parking lot may only last for five years, if that. However, applying a sealcoat to your parking lots can double their lifespan. Sealcoating also protects against the elements, such as pounding rain, oil, and gas. A sealcoat will shield your parking lot from these elements and keep it looking fresh for years to come.

Repairing Potholes

Asphalt parking lots are susceptible to potholes, which form when moisture seeps into the asphalt and condenses. Because of this, vehicles that drive over potholes can damage tires, wheels, and suspension. Additionally, potholes make a parking lot look less than appealing. Luckily, repairing potholes is relatively easy and inexpensive. Follow these simple steps to make your parking lot more durable and long-lasting.

Filling in Cracks

Maintaining the condition of your parking lot is vital to its life span. Cracks in asphalt allow water to seep in and weaken its structure. Pooling water will also reduce the overall durability of your parking lot. Cracks may also be the result of debris or spills. Regardless of their origin, regular maintenance of your parking lot is essential to its longevity. Listed below are a few tips to help you maintain your parking lot.


The benefits of trees in parking lots are numerous. However, there are also challenges that you should consider when planting these trees. Make sure you have enough space for your trees, provide them with the right amount of soil and water, and follow proper planting guidelines. And keep in mind you need to have patience. After all, trees grow very slowly and are sensitive to the environment.

Power Washing

Performing regular power washing for asphalt parking lots is essential for maintaining the overall appearance of the parking lot. It also prevents damage caused by excess dirt and debris. Power washing may also be combined with surface cleaners to improve the cleaning process.

Power washing is also an excellent way to prolong the life of sidewalks and parking lots, increasing the value of the property and reducing maintenance costs. Call our paving and concrete experts with over 50 years in business today at (604) 298-8775 for installation with repair, maintenance, resurfacing, and hard landscaping.