Asphalt is very important to keep healthy. Whether you own your business with an asphalt parking lot or live in a house with an asphalt driveway, you need to be sure there is no damage to protect cars and pedestrians.

Asphalt is not indestructible, so you will experience cracking from time to time, be it from natural or human causes. Knowing why your asphalt is cracking is crucial for saving money down the line. Once you know why your asphalt is prone to cracking, you can take steps in protecting it better so you don’t have to repair it every year.

Read below to find out the top five reasons why asphalt cracks and what to do to ensure your asphalt driveway or parking lot remains crack-free for longer.

Too much Stress

The most common type of cracks you will find in asphalt is called alligator or crocodile cracks. It is aptly named because the cracks look like the patterns you find on an alligator. These cracks are caused because the asphalt can’t handle more weight than it was designed to hold. If you experience these cracks, you need to either find a different place to store heavy object or upgrade your asphalt that is created to hold more weight.

Drastic Temperature Changes

People in Canada and other seasonal areas will face this problem a lot. Asphalt can crack when the winter turns to spring rapidly, and the water from the snow over-expands which can create cracks. It can also crack if water weakens the sub-base. To stop your driveway or parking lot from cracking between seasons, call the pros at Bortolo and Sons to layer your asphalt properly.

Drainage Problems

Water can also damage your asphalt if you have poor drainage or if you get run off from somewhere nearby. This is a big problem for your sub-base as it can cause it to separate the asphalt from the layer of stone it was constructed on. You will need a sealant to help combat poor drainage.

Bad Edge Support

If you don’t have proper edge support, it can start to crack. If you don’t notice these crack in time, water can start to seep through them, causing damage to the sub-base. If you notice these cracks when they are small, you can apply a sealant to stop further damage. If the cracks are bigger, you will need professional help to fix and seal your edges.

Raveling and Stripping

If you notice stripping or ravelling, this may be because of improper installation of the first layering. This is the most expensive type of crack to fix, so make sure you hire the best so they can make sure you never have to go through it again.

Hire Bortolo and Sons, Burnaby British Columbia

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