Decorative concrete designs are becoming a new hit among many homeowners. Not just for their homes but also for their driveways. Although plain concrete is still the popular choice, many homeowners love the idea of having patterned, textured, or faux-finished driveways to enhance their overall curb appeal. Right from polished to stamped to coloured, decorative concrete driveways are available in many options today.

Managing client expectations

One of the first steps of installing decorative concrete designs is to get a complete perspective on what the result is expected to be. Decorative concrete designs are a big hit among homeowners who often tend to run amok with their expectations of how the finished look should appear. Homeowners may have unrealistic expectations from the budget and their choice of concrete design. It is important to have a clear discussion about what is and isn’t possible once the homeowner has outlined their expectation. Giving complete visibility on what is financially, aesthetically, or physically possible at the outset will help concrete contractors manage client expectations realistically, avoiding disappointments and bad reviews in the future.

Choosing the right decorative contractor

Every decorative contractor may have several key strengths and limitations. Their creative abilities may vary significantly. You need to find a contractor who can deliver the expected results and has the pertinent skills for that. Many contractors today specialize only in residential decorative concrete projects while many others specialize in decorative concrete driveways. Choose a contractor who is experienced in decorative concrete installation for driveways. The best way to do so is by checking online for reviews and references. You can also talk to someone who has recently gotten decorative concrete fitted and ask them about the contractor’s quality of work.

Scheduling other jobs

If you are having your place renovated completely, the chances are you may also be hauling heavy fittings, equipment, and materials in and out of your home, using the driveway extensively. Before installing your decorative concrete, make sure that other aspects of the renovation are completed so that there is the least usage during the time your decorative concrete design is being installed for your driveway. Let the carpenters, plumbers, painters, and anyone else do their jobs first. Save the best for last when it comes to decorative concrete installation. After all, the last thing you want to do is see damaged concrete resulting from usage. You may also want to use a different entrance or parking space for your vehicles until your decorative concrete sets it and is safe to use

Protecting the finished work

One of the most common beliefs among people is that once concrete gets hardened it is not necessary to protect it. Quite the contrary, decorative concrete needs to be protected at all times from damage. Concrete tends to get vulnerable to damage because with aging its chemistry continues to undergo changes. In addition, water, heavy vehicles, weather, and possible spillage can bring more changes to your decorative pathway finish. Discuss a pertinent protection plan with your contractor when it comes to providing the right protection for finished work.

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