Canadian winters have become proverbial; and the negative, icy temperatures and storms impact everything in its path on the outside. This includes concrete driveways outside of homes and businesses. During arctic temperatures and storms, ice will freeze on many outside elements, including your concrete and paved surfaces. When the ice freezes over concrete driveways, a slippery surface remains and becomes dangerous. It’s essential to keep your business or residence concrete driveway safe and clear this winter for those utilizing it. 

Here’s Bortolo & Sons’ guide to melting ice off of your concrete driveway without causing it damage:

Why You Should Choose Alternatives To Salt

Salt may be the most common solution to melt ice from all driveways, stairs, and sidewalks; however, it can cause damage to concrete. A hurried tactic, salting the surface can cause it to pit, which eventually leads to cracking and breaking. Salt can lead to additional long-term issues, including discolouration of the concrete and corrosion. Discolouration may not be hazardous to the driveway, however, it will negatively affect the appearance of your investment.

Ice Melting Alternatives

Cat Litter

Did you know that kitty litter is the cat’s meow of salt alternatives? Cat litter is an effective and affordable solution to create traction on ice. The traction helps prevent slips and sliding on ice without damaging the concrete driveway. Although cat litter does not necessarily melt ice, it transforms the slippery surface into a safe, usable driveway for pets, cars and people.


Almost any abrasive material with grit can be effective in creating traction on an icy driveway. Sand also absorbs heat far quicker than salt, which will allow ice to melt when it is applied. Sand must be applied to the surface of the ice instead of buried underneath the snow to be effective in creating traction and melting snow.

Heated Stair Mats

Heated mats can effectively eliminate snow and ice to keep driveways clean and clear for 24 hours a day. The mats prevent slipping and damage to the driveway because they can fully cover the driveway when interconnected. Falling on an icy concrete driveway can potentially cause detrimental harm and needs to be prevented by the home or business owner as much as possible. 

Sugar Beet Juice

Sugar beets reduce the melting point of the ice and the snow to help eliminate from your driveway. It’s effective as a de-icer and is safe for all humans, pets, and cars to use. An eco-friendly alternative, sugar beet juice is biodegradable and will prevent damage to your concrete driveways. 

Bortolo & Son’s driveway pavers are experts in concrete resurfacing and concrete repair to keep driveways in optimal condition. Proper preparation, installation, and a good base are necessary to keep concrete driveways durable, long-lasting, and crack resistant. Our paving company in Burnaby will identify any problem and get started on a solution to restore or replace the concrete and boost your property’s value. Call us for a free quote on our concrete paving cost today!