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Navigating your way around the world of asphalt paving services can be difficult, particularly when determining how frequently your pavement needs maintenance. To maintain your pavement’s durability, usability, and aesthetics, you should be aware of the ideal frequency of asphalt paving services.

Climate, usage, maintenance procedures, and the general state of your asphalt surface are all relevant factors; we’ll outline all of the relevant considerations so that you know when to seek asphalt paving services from a professional.

We will examine the numerous elements that affect the frequency of asphalt paving services in this article. Understanding when to schedule asphalt paving services is essential for maintaining the integrity of your pavement investment for the foreseeable future; whether you are a property owner or a facility manager. Let’s examine the nuances of preserving asphalt and the best intervals for taking care of your asphalt surface.

Asphalt Paving Services: How Often Do You Need Them?

Let’s explore the important factors and suggested time frames for maintenance and repair to assist you in understanding when to seek asphalt paving services in Burnaby. 

Initial Installation

Starting with the initial installation, asphalt paving services are provided more frequently. It’s crucial to adhere to the instructions given by the paving contractor when installing new asphalt pavement. A year after installation, freshly laid asphalt should typically be checked for settling, drainage problems, or other issues that might need adjustments or repairs.

Regular Inspections

Regular checks will help locate early indications of degradation or structural damage. You should consult with a professional asphalt contractor or paving business to inspect your asphalt pavement each year.

Your asphalt contractor will assess the state of the surface, spot any cracks, potholes, or other structural concerns, and provide recommendations for repairs or upkeep that will be necessary moving forward.

Climate Considerations

The frequency of asphalt paving services is significantly influenced by the climate. Asphalt damage is more common in places with large temperature swings, such as those with hot summers and frigid winters. Over time, potholes and cracks may appear due to drastic changes of temperature within freeze-thaw cycles. In such environments, it will be necessary to keep a closer eye on the asphalt’s condition and plan repairs as the need arises.

High Traffic and Usage

The amount of use and traffic your asphalt surface receives will also influence how frequently paving services are needed. Due to the increased wear and tear, high-traffic locations, such as commercial parking lots or roadways, may need more regular maintenance and repairs. Regular inspection and prompt repairs are integral to the security, stability, and performance of the asphalt surface.

Proper Maintenance

The lifespan of your asphalt pavement can be extended by following proper maintenance procedures, which will also cut down on the frequency that you will require paving services.

Premature deterioration can be avoided by routinely sweeping the surface to remove debris, responding quickly to spills and oil stains, and keeping the pavement clean and well-maintained. An additional layer of defence against UV rays, moisture, and other harmful elements can be provided by sealcoating every few years.

Signs of Deterioration 

Pay attention to how your asphalt pavement is deteriorating. If your asphalt has cracks, potholes, uneven surfaces, fading, or a rough texture, it must be addressed in a timely manner. It is vital to take care of these asphalt paving concerns immediately to prevent further harm and expensive repairs.

The structural integrity of your pavement may be compromised if you ignore the warning signs of deterioration.

Environmental Elements

Environmental elements such as sunshine exposure, rainfall, and neighbouring plants may impact your asphalt pavement’s state. In regions with intense sunlight, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause fading and lead to the asphalt becoming more brittle with time.

Water from rainfall can accumulate and pool due to poor drainage, causing it to infiltrate the surface cracks to undermine the pavement structure. 

The asphalt surface may also be at risk from surrounding plants and vegetation with invasive roots. The frequency of required asphalt paving services will be determined with the aid of routine assessments of the surrounding environmental conditions.

Aging Asphalt 

Like any other material, asphalt pavement ages over time naturally. As the asphalt ages, it may start to show minor fractures known as “alligator cracking,” which is a sign that the surface is almost done with its useful life.

Other aging indicators include the development of potholes, a rough surface, and a faded appearance. Consider more substantial repairs, or possibly a full asphalt overlay or replacement if your asphalt pavement is displaying obvious symptoms of deterioration.

Budget Considerations 

The frequency of asphalt paving services is also influenced by financial factors. Since they help avoid major problems and increase the pavement’s lifespan, routine maintenance and small repairs are frequently more affordable in the long term.

Delaying critical repairs, however, may lead to future expenses for major repairs. For the general health and lifespan of your asphalt pavement, it is a good idea to strike a balance between your budget and the suggested maintenance schedule.

Professional Direction

Speak with a qualified asphalt paving contractor in Burnaby, who can precisely assess the state of your asphalt pavement and choose the right frequency for paving services. Our professionals possess the knowledge and experience necessary to assess your asphalt pavement with regard to its specific features, patterns of use, and the environmental considerations.

An expert evaluation with an asphalt paving contractor near you will give you insightful information and recommendations specific to your asphalt surface.


The frequency of asphalt paving services varies depending on several variables, such as the climate, usage, maintenance, and general state of the pavement. While yearly inspections are advised at a minimum, ensure that you are regularly checking for signs of wear and tear on your asphalt surface—take immediate corrective action, if necessary, by working with a qualified professional. Ensure that your asphalt pavement lasts for a long time and functions properly by taking preventative measures, working with a professional asphalt contractor.

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