Concrete driveways are durable and strong and if you are interested in this project, you are likely wondering how long it will take to build a concrete driveway. While there is no exact answer to this question, a typical residential concrete project will normally take 1-3 days to complete although you will have to factor in curing time which can extend this timeframe. 

The complexity of the project and the condition of your driveway will all play a role in the duration of the project as will the expertise of the concrete contractor you hire. Learning about the process of concrete driveway paving will help you better understand this project and the first thing to note is the surface will last longer if the concrete is built on solid, level, well-drained soil. A gravel base will then be laid and inspected by the concrete team after which concrete will be ready for pouring. Once the concrete is poured, a flat board, power tool and hand tools will be used to flatten and smooth the surface and this is an ongoing process throughout the project as concrete sets quickly. 

When determining how long a concrete driveway will take to build, the following factors will be considered:

1. Thickness

An even thickness is a must as this will help avoid cracks over time. Thickness will be determined by your contractor and the sort of vehicle or equipment your driveway will be supporting. 

2. Mixture

You need to know the difference between concrete and cement as cement is just one ingredient to concrete. The right mixture will include cement, gravel, sand and water and having the right proportions of these materials is very important for strength. 

3. Water damage

This is something you must prevent and keeping standing water away from your concrete is very important which you can do through proper drainage. Regular maintenance once your driveway is built is also very important as this will stop cracks from expanding and a reputable concrete contractor can fill them in and seal them as they occur. 

4. Setting and Curing

The setting time is generally between 24 to 48 hours and after seven days, concrete is cured to almost full strength or more. While you won’t have to worry about people and pets leaving footprints at this point, you should be careful about parking your car during this time. It is recommended that you wait 28 days before parking heavier vehicles or equipment. 

The success of a concrete driveway will depend on:

● The Contractor You Hire

This is the most important step, and hiring the right contractor will ensure longevity and strength of your driveway. A concrete contractor must be qualified, reliable and trustworthy, and you need to do your research and read reviews to find the best team for the job. A professional contractor will be able to tell you how long this project will take. 

● The Ground

A reputable contractor will prepare the base aggregate and will handle drainage, which is critical to the process.

● The Mixture

An experienced contractor will know the proper proportions of materials and will create the strongest possible concrete with this knowledge. 

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