Concrete is exceptionally durable and sturdy, which is why it’s one of the most widely used materials for construction in the world. However, with any material, there are limitations that can affect the structure of concrete and cause the design and functionality to be affected. Regardless of how effectively concrete paving was installed, there are many factors that can cause premature damage and deterioration to the concrete.

Being informed and aware of the five main causes of concrete erosion, if you require immediate repairs and how to prevent erosion in the future. Read on to learn more about concrete erosion.

1. Metallic Corrosion

Many concrete paving materials are made up of other metals and rebars to make it more durable and stable. However, when metals and rebar begin to rust, they can cause cracking and concrete erosion. Although rust occurs completely naturally, the process in the concrete paving can be expedited by de-icing salts in the winter and cooler climates when contacted with other metals within the ground.

2. Freezing or Seeping Water

Water is the leading cause of concrete deterioration and degradation. Concrete paving is quite porous in its design, which allows water, especially rainwater, to seep into the structure and degrade it over time. The water volume rises when it freezes, which pushes and separates the rocks, ultimately causing erosion when temperatures dip. This cycle is what causes the concrete structure to degrade over time and develop large cracks as the pores in the pavement will expand over time.

3. Degradation of Foundation Structure

If the driveway pavers that installed the concrete material did not complete the project effectively, then the concrete structure can degrade as a result. Concrete failure is also the result of soil from underground washing away from seeping water, which reduces the support for the concrete pavement above.

4. Weight of Concrete Grade

There are different concrete grades which can support varying amounts of weight. For example, a commercial concrete lot is highly durable and designed to manage the weight of several heavy vehicles and ample traffic. Whereas residential concrete pavement surface will strain and degrade as it is not built for high traffic.

5. Chemical Use

Many companies use specific, harsh chemicals to remove hard ice from the concrete surface. These chemicals often contain ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate, which can enter the concrete material and cause it to degrade severely and damage it. Even the most high-quality concrete material can succumb to these harsh chemical exposures and crack and crumble severely.

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