Concrete is a very durable material that is often used for walkways, patios, and driveways. Once this material cures, the results are great; however, signs of wear and tear will become visible over time on all concrete surfaces and for this reason, occasional maintenance is required. Proper maintenance will allow you to extend the life of your surface while maintaining its aesthetic, and the following tips will tell you how:

Keep your concrete clean and sealed

Weather, acids, salt, freeze/thaw cycles, and harsh chemicals are all elements that can cause concrete to break down, and sealers are the easiest way to prevent this from happening. Most sealers have to be reapplied every six to 12 months and offer concrete surface protection from these elements to help it last longer and keep it in top shape. It is often assumed that concrete is a maintenance-free material but the reality is that care is required because the occasional pressure wash is simply not enough.

Use resurfacing products to repair any chips and cracks

Most resurfacing products can be applied right over existing concrete surfaces in thin layers. The proper preparation is required and if you do it right, you will have an even surface that is fresh. This product is the most helpful tool when it comes to repairing concrete and will extend the aesthetic life of your material. This product is ideal for pathways, slabs, and walls and can be used pretty much anywhere where concrete is in need of a touch-up.

Be aware of the different materials that can cause damage to concrete

De-icing salts that are often used during winter can be harmful to concrete so you must be informed. Any chemicals containing chlorides present a danger and these are often found in de-icing salts that are labeled safe, so you need to be careful. Other elements like fertilizer and ocean water are harmful as well because they are mildly acidic and can attack the bonds that hold the concrete together. Heavy machinery and corrosive fluids will also wear concrete down, so high-traffic areas should always be sealed to prevent damage.

Make sure you determine the right time to seal your concrete

It is important that you follow the sealer’s application schedule because this will ensure you protect your concrete. Generally, sealing is done after renovation projects because of the heavy traffic throughout the process. Another ideal time is when homeowners prepare their homes for winter, as this is the perfect opportunity to complete a concrete resealing project to protect your surface from the harsh winter conditions. Identifying the ideal time to reseal is an important step that will make a positive difference.

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