In order to avoid hidden costs, lack of communication and disappointing results, you need to ask the right questions before hiring a paving contractor so that all of your expectations can be met and you’re not left with a driveway you’re unhappy with.

The following questions will ensure you hire the right contractor for the job who can build you a driveway you really like:

  1. Which sub-base specifications will be used and how will it be handled? This is perhaps the most important component of a driveway, which is why it needs to be a focus and handled seriously. A contractor should assess the situation carefully so that they can then make an informed recommendation regarding a specific sub-base depth and type. The contractor should be able to explain sub-base specifications to you in detail and if you don’t feel like you’re getting the information you require, it’s best to speak to another contractor.
  2. Will I be faced with any additional costs? Unfortunately, many homeowners are faced with additional costs, which results in unhappiness and a lot of disappointment because as a consumer you should never have to pay a higher cost than the original estimate you were given. Certain conditions like the soil can result in changes but these things should never be hidden and must be discussed right from the start so that there’s no shock factor when you receive your final bill.
  3. Will my yard and landscaping be affected by the process and do you offer protection? A new driveway should not result in the destruction of your flowers and landscape, and a professional contractor with the right experience will be able to make sure these things are left untouched. If they are directly over the driveway, that is a different story, but otherwise, nothing on your property should get ruined. Ask for a written guarantee that your yard will not be affected so that there are no surprises afterwards.
  4. Does the company have unresolved or a high number of complaints with the Better Business Bureau? Take the time to do some research before hiring a paving contractor because this could save you from hiring the wrong person for the job. You should also ask for a list of jobs they’ve completed close by so you can see their work and make a decision based on a drive-by and the reviews accompanying them. If a company is hesitant about providing this sort of information, it may be a sign to find another contractor.

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