Asphalt paving is very popular for driveways, roads and parking lots and while it’s one of the most cost-efficient choices, it does require maintenance and even with preventive measures, you can still experience issues with your driveway. 

The following are common driveway problems and the services required to fix the issue:

Alligator Cracks

This refers to cracks that appear on asphalt driveways due to structural failures in the material. Wear and tear from heavy traffic will also lead to alligator cracks, which resemble the scales on an alligators back. 

The fix: This is a sign of a failure under the asphalt surface and while you can fill in the alligator cracks with a patching product, this will only serve as a temporary solution, and you will need to contact a professional for permanent repair solutions. They will saw-cut any area with these types of cracks and will remove them, after which the base will be inspected and corrected depending on what they find. 


This occurs as a result of a breakdown of the asphalt and over time, pavement can become thinner which will allow loose gravel to abrade the surrounding asphalt. This will cause small pieces to become dislodged, which will lead to an uneven surface and loose debris and even standing water. 

The fix: You must first remove the loose debris and gravel and if you are dealing with a very small area, you can use an asphalt patch to fix the problem. If however the problem is more widespread, there may be asphalt failure, and you will have to consider removing the damaged pavement and applying new asphalt and this project should only be completed by a professional.

Depressions and Potholes 

These occur as a result of poor compaction that happens during paving. If left too long, these can weaken the integrity of the asphalt surface.

The fix: Minor depressions can be temporarily fixed with an asphalt patch, although the affected area will eventually have to be removed and replaced. Potholes generally occur because of weather changes and are more pronounced depressions, and standing water and heavy traffic can also cause potholes. If this problem is not fixed, the issue will become worse.

Asphalt Upheaval

This can happen when the soil underneath the asphalt expands as a result of moisture or freezing. This can cause asphalt upheaval, and frost heave is one of the most common types of upheaval. 

The fix: Removing the damaged area and applying a full-depth asphalt patch is the best solution. 

The experts at Bortolo and Sons can help solve all of your asphalt issues. We specialize in driveway repairs and if you ever experience any of these four common issues, we will apply the right solutions and provide you with professional asphalt maintenance and repairs. 

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